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First Day At Your New Tech Job as a QA, SDET, or Dev

So you applied for a new job and had an interview. The interview went well and now they called you back asking when can you start. You decide on a start date and think now, what is next? This article will give you tips to help you out in your new role at your job.

1. Introduce Yourself

Even if you are an introvert, it is important that you introduce yourself at your new job. Try to introduce yourself to everyone that you see and ask their names. It is never too early to start building a rapport with your new coworkers even if they belong to a different apartment than what you will be working in.

2. No Dumb Question

Always think before you ask a question. Anything you can take 5 minutes to look up and find an answer to shouldn’t be asked. Anything else is fair game because you are still new and learning about the company as well as its best practices.

3. Take Notes

Always carry a pen and paper with you, especially when you go into meetings. Write down everything and use these notes as references as you start to progress in your job role.

4. Be Humble

Even if you already know the information that someone is trying to give you, openly accept the help. It may come off rude to cut people off when they are going out of their way to help you.

5. Elevator Pitch

Have a quick 5-minute synopsis of yourself(elevator pitch) prepared. You will be meeting a lot of people and some will want to know a little bit more about you, your experiences, and your new role in a very brief time window.

6. Get Required Tools

Ask about all of the software you will need to do your job and who to reach out to obtain any licenses. You don’t want to be a month into your new job and are given a task due the next day and then you realize you don’t have the required software installed and can not carry out this task in time.

7. Timing

Be extra early and don’t be the first person to leave. Also, try not to take extremely long lunch breaks. You may notice other coworkers doing so, but YOU are the new person still. Everything that you do will be magnified.

8. Lunch

Try to bring a bagged lunch that doesn’t require refrigeration. If someone sees you put food in a fridge, they already know you have lunch. But if they don’t see this and they are going out for lunch, they are more likely to invite you out for lunch. Always try to go when invited so you can start to build comradery and rapport with your coworkers. Worst case, if you are not invited out, you still have your bagged lunch to eat.

9. Bring Layers Of Clothes

The workplace climate can be very unpredictable. It was sunny outside, but all of your coworkers like the air conditioner on full blast so you are now freezing in your short-sleeved shirt and vice versa. It is better to have options to make sure you are comfortably dressed at work.

10. Smile

You just started a new job. That is a big accomplishment no matter how small you think it may be on your career path. You are in a new environment and around new people. Be excited about the future that you are about to experience and don’t stress yourself out trying to learn everything in 1 day!

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